7 Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder

It’s exciting to install a swimming pool in your backyard. You can truly enjoy the summer months in your own paradise once your family and friends have a space to play and unwind. Simultaneously, ensuring that your fiberglass pool in Brisbane is constructed with intelligence into the rest of your property and that comprehensive short- and long-term maintenance plans are in place is critical.

To put it briefly, you must understand what your constructor provides. That’s why, before construction on your project starts, we’ve compiled these seven straightforward yet crucial questions to put to your pool contractor.

1. “Where Is Your Business Located? Is There A Showroom Here?”

The “one-poler”—a pair of guys trying to build pools out of their pickup truck—made this industry famous (or notorious). Anyone who operates out of the back of a pick-up truck and resides in an apartment complex, motel, or RV can quickly leave town with all their money. Verify whether he is renting or owns his house. A well-established swimming pool builder in Brisbane in the neighborhood is unlikely to move out of town soon.

Seek out a pool builder with a long-term lease or showroom in a business property. Before you sign a contract, you can visit the builder’s showroom to inspect his inventory, observe how he operates, and get to know some of his staff. This demonstrates that they take their business seriously and are unlikely to abandon the area abruptly. Additionally, if there is an issue with your pool, this kind of builder is more likely to have the financial means to fix it.

2. “What Is The Duration Of Your Company’s Operation Under The Current Name And Owners?”

Because it’s so simple to check out, unscrupulous fiberglass pool in Brisbane builders dislike answering this question. Sadly, it’s very uncommon for someone in this business to build a few pools, have financial difficulties, file for bankruptcy, and leave many unfinished pools in people’s backyards. After a few months, launch a brand-new business with a fresh name and begin the process over. To live up to their negative reputation, they might relocate. On the other hand, occasionally they will launch their new company just next to the remains of their prior one in the hopes that most customers won’t realize they have abandoned them.

By the way, your pool guarantee is nullified if a pool builder files for bankruptcy. So why jeopardise your house and money?

Generally, you should disregard a swimming pool builder in Brisbane who has operated for less than three years. Alternatively, to be extra cautious, only work with pool builders operating for ten years or more. After ten years, very few reliable and robust pool companies will still be in business, so you shouldn’t be concerned about their stability at that point.

3. “Have Any Of The Owners, Officers, Or You Filed For Bankruptcy Or Went Out Of Business?”

The solution to this question ought to be simple. Those who haven’t will get a firm “No” in response. Those who know that their secrets are not protected because of the internet. Therefore, you’ll either have to accept it and listen to their depressing story about how it wasn’t their fault*, or they’ll just stop talking to you.

4. “How Will You Give Me References?”

There should be a list of at least fifty names, ideally more. You should be allowed to select from the list. A shorter list most likely indicates that your pool builder hasn’t completed many projects or has had issues meeting client expectations.

At least five persons should be chosen randomly from the list to speak with. Setting up a meeting at one of the houses is also wise. This lets you talk directly with the homeowner who collaborated with the builder and view the completed project.

5. “Are You Currently Associated With The BBB And The APSP?”

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) require their members to do business ethically. A sincere, morally driven pool builder has no excuse not to join, as the joining costs are quite low.

The APSP authors the fiberglass pool in Brisbane industry’s construction guidelines, and members of the organization pledge to follow them. The best accreditation the APSP offers is “Certified Building Professional,” which the pool builder should ideally be able to show you.

6. “Will My Checks Be Paid To A Personal Account Or A Business Account?”

When the name of the person and the firm are the same, it might be challenging to distinguish between bank accounts. For instance, if the check is made payable to “Johnny Smith” and the pool builder’s name is Johnny Smith, he may visit your bank, cash the check, and escape paying any federal or state income taxes. Should the IRS find out, you could be prosecuted.

The bank must deposit checks made out to incorporated businesses or businesses where the principal’s name is the only part of the business name into the pool builder’s checking account. 

7. “What’s Your Dun & Bradstreet Report?”

The company Dun & Bradstreet monitors a company’s credit score. A lengthy record of timely payments and excellent credit should be comforting. On the other hand, a short history suggests they haven’t been in operation for very long. A poor payment history ought to be a dead giveaway that serious problems could be in store. A reputable fiberglass pool in Brisbane builder will be happy to provide you with his report.


Selecting the ideal fiberglass pool in Brisbane for your requirements is ensured by asking the appropriate questions. By defining goals, comprehending the procedure, and assessing experience, you’ll have a seamless project and a stunning, long-lasting pool that fulfills your vision.

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