Podcast SEO: Everything You Need to Know

The first things that spring to mind when considering podcast SEO optimisation are keywords, targeting techniques, and effective content creation. However, most individuals are missing out on some significant development prospects since they don’t equate podcasts with search engine optimisation. We’ll cover podcast SEO in this piece, along with several podcast SEO in Geelong strategies that help expand a podcast’s audience and raise a brand’s Google ranking authority.

Google started listening to audio files in the middle of 2019, opening up new ground for podcasts and content marketing. There are strategies you may employ to write and optimise audio content for your podcast in order to improve its search engine ranking.

This post will cover all the essential information regarding podcast SEO, educate you on how to optimise your podcast, and demonstrate how to make your program more search-engine friendly.

Best SEO Practices for Podcasts’

1. Pick Podcasts for Every Episode

On our list, this is one of the most crucial podcast SEO pointers! As with SEO in general, podcast SEO requires careful consideration of podcast-specific keywords. By informing Google that your episode is pertinent to a user’s search, keywords increase the likelihood that it will appear in search results.

This tactic, however, goes beyond just selecting a podcast keyword that you believe is pertinent to your show. The keywords you include should instead be those that people who are interested in your business are searching for. You should use a keyword tool to conduct thorough keyword research, including an SEO in Geelong competitor analysis, in order to determine which keywords these are.

To find the search phrases your audience is already using, try Google Ads Keyword Planner or other tools like the keyword tool. These resources are ideal for planning an SEO strategy for podcasts. In addition to suggesting relevant keyword words you might not have considered, they display monthly search volumes.

2. Use Keywords in Episodes

The integration of Google’s audio content indexing allows podcasts to show up in search results. Podcasters should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, as episodes could appear in any search and not just those made by people looking for podcasts particularly. Ensure that the target podcast keywords that your audience is searching for are included in your episode.

Selecting an episode topic based on the keywords you’ve determined from your study is a simple method to accomplish this. You’ll organically incorporate the keyword and related terms into your script, which is essential for the best SEO in Geelong for podcasts approach.

3. Involve Written Content

Even though many podcasters don’t bother, this is another crucial method of podcast optimisation. They only wait for listeners to show up once they upload a new episode to their podcast host.

It is simple for Google SEO in Geelong and other search engines to skim written information and determine if it is relevant. Google is more likely to rank an episode in search results if it has some written information to “read” in addition to the audio content.

Every podcast episode should have its website just like NDIS web design, complete with an audio player and text summarising the episode’s context and content. In addition to giving you extra keyword chances (more on that later), this also lets you rank individual episode pages for queries pertaining to that particular subject. Increased traffic, listeners, and devoted followers are all correlated with higher ranks.

You may easily add written content to your episode pages in two different ways:

Add the podcast show notes first. These are brief synopses, frequently presented as bullet points, that outline the main points of the episode for prospective listeners. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to showcase any graphics, graphs, movies, or links you mention in the episode.

Add audio transcriptions for podcasts as a second step. These are exact transcriptions of every word that was stated on the broadcast. Why not adapt the content—which you previously produced in audio form—into textual form? Get a ton of high-quality written content for your page that Google will appreciate using this simple method.

Every episode you post can be automatically transcribed into a comprehensive, word-for-word transcript of your episode if you use Castos as your podcast hosting provider. We’ve partnered with a top supplier of text-to-voice technology in the market to give a flawless transcribing experience. You can also benefit from our podcast editing service, which will produce show notes for every episode.

4. Put Keywords in Right Places

Podcast keyword placement is a significant component of the textual pieces that are supplied with each episode. Similar to NDIS web design, the components of your website are not all made equal in the eyes of search engines. Google prioritises and examines specific sections of articles and pages first.

The following are the most crucial places to use keywords:

  • The post’s title
  • The podcast episode’s title
  • Subheadings
  • The post’s URL
  • Names of image files
  • ALT attributes for images
  • Start and finish of the content on the page
  • Organically dotted throughout the text of the page


To increase audience engagement and discoverability, podcast SEO in Geelong must be done well. Podcasters can raise their profile and expand their audience by using keywords, optimising titles, descriptions, and metadata, and cross-platform promotion. Use these tactics to achieve the best possible growth.

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