8 Qualities Your Real Estate Agent Must Have

A competent realtor understands that a property is about people, not simply walls and floors. They will be aware that although the sales process can be challenging and complex at times, it is their responsibility to serve as a resource, an unbiased expert, and to constantly strive for the best possible solution for all parties involved.

Top performers have a strong sales history to support their claims, are at ease speaking with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and have a thorough understanding of the industry in which they operate. In light of such, the following characteristics should be sought after in an ideal agent.

1. Client-centered

After only one negative experience, almost half of customers will move to a rival. The quality of your client experience is what will determine whether or not you close a deal in a market as cutthroat as a Bellarine real estate agent.

A successful real estate agent needs to be passionate about the industry and genuinely love providing customer care. “Money is not the main concern. The money will come if we perform our jobs well.”

2. Disciplined

Since they are in charge of their success, real estate brokers are entrepreneurs. There is no manager on duty to ensure that work is completed, and there is no clock to punch in each day.

Excellent time management, task prioritization, multitasking, and the ability to finish tasks they dislike—like tedious paperwork, for example—are essential skills for Geelong real estate agents. They must understand the secrets of productive real estate. Keeping one’s self-discipline when switching from a “normal” 9 to 5 work to a real estate career is sometimes the most difficult aspect.

3. Emotional Intelligence

Bellarine real estate agency involves more than just houses—it involves people. You, indeed, need to be informed about mortgages, real estate, and market conditions. To succeed, though, you truly must understand people and be able to read them. Emotional intelligence can help with it.

When your emotional intelligence is strong, you can read people’s feelings and recognize them with accuracy. You may then use this knowledge to modify your thoughts and actions.

In the context of real estate, this could entail realizing that a seller who is hesitant to accept an offer is likely fearing that they will regret selling rather than being avaricious and seeking more money. A Geelong real estate agent who can recognize it and react sympathetically as opposed to a forceful one may eventually result in a sale.

4. The ability to make decisions

A reliable resource for advice on buying and selling is a realtor. Customers look to their realtor for guidance and professional opinions on how to handle their selection. In order to uphold their credibility and establish themselves as experts, realtors must have faith in their judgment and stand by the choices they make.

The most prosperous Geelong real estate agents are committed; they don’t hesitate to make a call. Since making excellent decisions requires experience, it is quite common for inexperienced agent salespeople to feel uncertain when faced with significant choices. It is important for new agents to make decisions based on as much information and research as possible and to deal with their uncertainty in private until that decisiveness is formed.

6. Good Listeners

An agent who talks too much should be avoided, as most competent agents will advise you. You may have an issue if you are unable to communicate with your agent. The majority of the communication should come from you, the client, or the customer, to ensure that your agent is aware of your unique wants and wishes. A competent agent ought to pose all of the inquiries rather than the other way around. 

Additionally, an agent has to be able to “read” their customer and modify their strategy as necessary. Certain clients prefer email communication, while others would rather send a brief text message or get a phone call to discuss the status of their sale. 

In order to ensure that their clients don’t feel rushed or ignored by excessive correspondence, a Geelong real estate agent should ascertain their preferred form of communication.

7. Client-Motivated

To put it another way, the agent benefits when the consumer does. That’s why picking an agent who prioritizes their vendors is crucial. According to White, a competent agent will always put the requirements of their clients first. It’s critical for the agent to ensure that the client feels supported and content during the often stressful process of buying and selling a home.

8. Understand Customers

Good agents, according to Ben Hatch, always understand why their clients are selling and will pose the following queries to themselves:

  • Does my client want to purchase or sell?
  • Are they trying to find a rental property?
  • Will they occupy this house and then demolish it?
  • He explains, “Good agents need to think about all of these things.

Finding out if a home has sentimental value is also beneficial. The needs of a customer selling one of five investment properties and a client selling their home are very different. A competent Bellarine real estate agency will see the differences and adjust as necessary.


It’s critical to select a real estate agent who possesses outstanding communication, market expertise, negotiation abilities, and ethics. These attributes guarantee a seamless transaction and a fruitful real estate experience, assisting you in confidently and effectively achieving your property goals.

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