The Ultimate Men’s Kurta Pajama Guide 

Trendy Kurta Pajama Styles for Men, from Casual to Formal 

There always comes a time in a guy’s life when they realize that a kurta pajama is the most comfiest thing they can wear! A wedding, a dinner, and casual outing with friends, there isn’t any occasion you can’t wear this outfit to. Just like the Maria B ready to wear collection, kurta pajama styles always prove to be the most versatile choice for the masses. If you’re pulling the hanger of your favorite one out right now, read on to get more ideas.

Timeless White Cotton

Can you hear it? Because we definitely can! It’s the classic white cotton kurta pajama screaming simplicity and elegance! This outfit is sure to keep you cool and comfortable no matter the occasion. It is ideal to be worn in warm weather as it is extremely breathable. So now you know what to wear for that formal day event or any casual outing. And if you feel like getting a little attention from the ladies, maybe roll the sleeves up, put on a pishawari chappal, and strap on a smart wristwatch.

Subtle Pastels

Pick a pastel and go easy on the eyes! Mint green, soft pink, baby blue, totally up to you! Sure, these colors keep you cool but they also add that modern oomph to your entire look. Choose a pastel kurta with minimal embroidery or detailing to maintain a sophisticated yet understated look.

Crisp and Cool Linen

Linen kurtas are an excellent choice for their lightweight and breathable qualities. Perfect for summer, a linen kurta pajama set in shades of beige, off-white, or light gray can be both stylish and comfortable. This material drapes well, giving a relaxed yet polished appearance. Pair with loafers or juttis for a refined finish.

Earthy Tones

Dress up in comfy linen clothes with earthy colors like olive green, rusty red, and mustard yellow to give your style a rustic vibe. These colors match linen’s natural feel, giving you a relaxed and balanced appearance. A linen outfit in these tones, like a kurta pajama, is ideal for hanging out with friends or going to daytime events, giving you both comfort and fashion.

Regal Silk

For special events, wearing a silk kurta pajama is a great idea. Silk feels really nice on your skin and looks fancy too. Choose vibrant colors like royal blue, deep maroon, or emerald green to stand out. Fancy decorations like embroidery can make your outfit look even more special. Finish off your look with traditional mojris and a stole draped nicely over your shoulder.

Elegant Chanderi

Chanderi fabric is famous for being light and see-through, making it great for fancy clothes. Wearing a Chanderi outfit in soft colors with pretty golden embroidery can make you look amazing at weddings or parties. Plus, the fabric has a shiny look that adds a classy vibe, perfect for nighttime gatherings.

Indo-Western Fusion

Fusion wear is all about blending traditional elements with contemporary styles. Wearing a fusion-style kurta with cool features like uneven hems, Chinese-style collars, or interesting cuts can jazz up your outfit. Try teaming it with slim pants or chinos instead of regular pajamas for a stylish and modern vibe, perfect for casual parties or events.

Layered Look

Layering is a fashion-forward approach to kurta pajamas. A sleeveless jacket or Nehru jacket over a kurta can add depth and dimension to your outfit. Pick different colors or patterns to stand out. This look is great for occasions where you want to make a statement while still feeling comfortable.

Embroidered Extravaganza

Dress to impress at weddings and parties with fancy, super-decorated kurtas. Pick lush materials like brocade, velvet, or silk with fancy stitching or shiny bits to really stand out. Choose bold colors like red, gold, or dark blue to feel part of the celebration. Don’t forget a matching scarf and classic shoes to finish off your fancy outfit.

Subdued Elegance

If you like to keep things simple, go for a kurta with gentle designs or patterns. Soft, light colors or quiet shades with just a little decoration can make you look classy and stylish. This kind of outfit works well for daytime gatherings or events before a wedding, blending tradition with a modern touch.

Printed Kurtas

Printed kurtas are perfect for everyday wear, giving your wardrobe a lively boost with floral or geometric designs. Pair a cotton or linen printed kurta with simple pajamas or jeans for a comfy yet stylish vibe. It’s great for casual hangouts, outings, or even wearing to the office.


Kurta pajama sets are great because they’re comfy and stylish, perfect for guys. You can find them in cotton, silk, or fusion styles, so there’s something for everyone. Just pick what suits you best in terms of fabric, color, and design to look good and feel great. Kurta pajamas are classic and classy, so wear them proudly and stand out wherever you are.

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