Tips to Prepare for PTE Exam in Dubai

If you’re appearing for the PTE exam, then you need some tips to help you prepare. PTE exams can look difficult to approach, and that is due to the sheer number of subjects and different timings of the sections. Some tips and familiarising yourself with the exam and its structure will reduce stress, help you plan your study session and score higher.  

Preparing for the PTE Exam in Dubai? Use These Tips for a High Score

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your PTE exams better: 

  1. Know Your Exam 

Always start by familiarising yourself with the exam. Understand the different sections of the exams and the timing of the different sections. Breaking up the exam preparations as per  the sections allows you to ensure: 

  • You prepare to attempt the section in the designated time period for the section. 
  • Gives you the space to focus on the weaker sections. 
  • Understand the subject matter in depth.
  1. Work on English Language Skills 

For your upcoming PTE exams in Dubai, remember that speaking the language and understanding will be the best way to ace it. To hone your skills you can read books, newspapers and magazines in the language. Doing so will allow you to grasp the subject matter better. Apart from this, you should also listen to songs, speeches or movies to grasp pronunciation and read between the lines. Always try to listen to different kinds of pronunciations, which will help you in the listening section, because sometimes the questions will come from non-native English speakers. 

Apart from this, practise writing too because you will have questions where you have to listen to a recording and then summarise all of the information. Writing summaries, creative writing or simply rewording what you read will help you immensely. Another way to improve your writing skills is to take time to improve your vocabulary, this will enhance your writing skills and help you understand the questions better. 

  1. Focus on Structuring Your Answers 

While preparing for PTE exams, it is crucial for you to work on structuring your answers. A well-structured paragraph or answer will get you more points because it will clearly showcase your skills and information. Your goal should be to at least have two or three writing sessions a day and test the quality of your work. You can do this alone or join an online PTE coaching in Jeddah. 

Last-Minute Tips for PTE Exam in Dubai 

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind on the day of the exam: 

  1. Before you appear for the exam, keep your mind fresh and anxiety-free. Since this is a language-based exam, it will require you to be calm and collected. 
  2. When you start the exam, make it a point to be present. Read and listen to the question or subject matter carefully. For the listening part, listen carefully, and make notes to remember the details before answering the questions. 
  3. For writing answers, remember:
    1. The answer should be well-structured. 
    2. Keep the length of the sentences short. 
    3. For the essay writing part, before you start writing check the “motive” of the essay, is it opinion-based, argument-based or creative?
    4. Pay attention to the grammar. Correct grammar will fetch you more points. 
    5. Use synonyms of words, doing so does not make your writing sound repetitive. 

Choosing a PTE Exam Prep School 

Studying by yourself is recommended. However, when it comes to an exam of this calibre, where different aspects of a language will be tested, it is best if you have a good prep school. 

Here is how to choose a prep school for PTE exams in Dubai: 

  1. Regular Classes: Choose a prep school that has regular classes. Coaching centres like EnglishWise offer 7-day classes. 
  2. One-on-One Discussions: Such discussions or even live group discussions will help you find answers to questions and queries. Furthermore, such discussions will be educational because you will find tips and tricks too. 
  3. Regular Tests: Practice makes perfect, which is why choosing classes that will test your skills, score you and also track your progress. Such features will give you insights on growth and areas of improvement.

Always look for a school or coaching centre that has experience in the exam you’re appearing for. For a PTE exam prep, choose a centre that offers specialised classes for PTE. Such schools will help you study for the exam and prepare better. For example, look for a place that offers you classes on reading, writing, speaking and listening to help you study well for the PTE exam. 

EnglishWise, a leader in Online IELTS Coaching Dubai, has a team of experienced teachers who guide and make preparations for the exam easier. With a proven success rate, this prep school also employs an AI-based scoring system to ensure errorless scoring for a better understanding of your growth. 

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